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Project Novotel Halong bay (4 star International).
Quang Ninh is potential and advantages of tourism, especially Ha Long Bay has 2 times been recognized as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage - With the advantages that investing in tourism - services that special luxury hotel is the idea that corporate leaders have long cherished. After obtaining the approval of the competent authority, in early 2006 the Investment Corporation and Export Quang Ninh has undertaken construction of Novotel Halong bay - Achieve international 4-star standards.
With experience in the construction of large projects, but to build a luxury hotel, deserve at Bai Chay tourist site famous, they must overcome many difficulties, especially the difficulty of managing supervising large projects. But the spirit of conscientious work, effort and learning, the project officer of the Board under the direct guidance of the Chairman, was on the night of the stick, applying innovative technology initiatives technical, eager to work with a creative spirit and effort to the project construction schedule and ensure quality requirements.
Launched take pride as new tourism products with strong competitiveness, the Novotel Ha Long Bay - 4-star hotel of international standard today is located on the banks of heritage Ha Long Bay - the idea of ​​such a field albatross wingspan stretched between heaven and earth majestic Halong. The hotel has a prime location, unique architecture and modern, luxurious interior. Novotel Ha Long Bay has 214 rooms, including 144 rooms (Superior Rooms), 44 Executive Rooms), 24 rooms (Junior Suites) and 2 suites. Novotel services include outside pool, exercise rooms, with Disco and Karaoke club, Spa and Massage service uniform ...
With specially furnished with luxurious Novotel 350-seat conference hall, a business center, meeting room cacs, elegance conference. Especially buffe dining room Novotel has 200 seats serving European dishes - Asia for tourists and people of Quang Ninh from 6 am to 24 pm. Guests sit down to eat or enjoy Caffe here can see panoramic views of the magnificent heritage Halong Bay has 2 times the UNESCO as a world natural heritage.
On 13/10/2008 NOVOTEL Ha Long Bay was officially welcome and quickly become the destination of choice of many tourists in the country and internationally.
The project upgraded cable system phase Yen
Yen Tu cable car system is the first phase of investment and in operation since 2002, although only 8 years but work has revealed many shortcomings: low transport capacity, whereas the amount of Pilgrimage to Yen Tu scenic area keeps growing every year. On peak days when the number of tourists queuing from 2-3 hours to get a new cable, it did not make visitors feel comfortable when pilgrimage to Yen Tu. Early recognition of these limitations from the beginning of 2008 the company leadership has decided to replace the cable system with a new system I have transport capacity increased 3 times, and has been the general meeting of shareholders through the company. On 29.03.2008 the Company has formally signed a contract with Poma conglomerate of the "V / v cable system upgrades Phase I". This is a system of advanced passenger safety standards are very high.
In early 2009 after the end of the festive season, the company undertook to dismantle the old cable system put into storage. First 5/2009 the construction and upgrade of system crashes I. Despite a lot of experience in the investment in large projects, including two projects Yen Tu cable, but the building also face many difficulties due to super heavy equipment, in a construction conditions to ensure environmental and landscape trees undisturbed space, besides the company has also undertaken the construction work related to the renovation and Hoa Yen Pagoda, a bypass from An prenatally to the same temple. In the spirit of creative labor, to overcome all difficulties, and CB team of experts - employees of the company to complete the project on schedule. On 16/12/2009, the Company formally inaugurated put the system into operation. In recent years, each year the company has served hundreds of thousands of Yen Tu Buddhist pilgrimage holidays safe and convenient.
Check out these great projects to see more clearly the size of a large business, with a long tradition and reap many important victory, contributing significantly to the development of Quang Ninh and the country. Today the team made as Quang Ninh Export prouder because with time and trials, they were woven brand QUNIMEX Quang Ninh - the name when referring to people willing to trust in the firm belief a major partner in the market.